Metamorphosis: The Willem de Kooning Decades Collection

New York | 16 November

Three decades, three extraordinary paintings, and one commandant of Contemporary Art culminate in a remarkable collection of works from Willem de Kooning. This fall, the de Kooning family collection is pleased to bring Montauk II (1969), Untitled (1979), and The Hat Upstairs (1987) to auction at Sotheby’s. Each work comes from a distinct period of de Kooning’s life in which his inspirations are so clearly reflected within each stroke of his brush, or in the case of Untitled, his spatula. In Montauk II, the surrounding landscape of the Hamptons, where his home and studio is located, serves as the base of his conceptual style, while continuing to draw on his previous work from the 1960’s regarding color and technique. Untitled, as mentioned by EVP and Chairman of the Americas Lisa Dennison, is often referred to as the Monet of de Kooning’s oeuvre, due to the deep blues and hints of rich green throughout, encouraged by the immediacy of the ocean that surround the Hamptons. Finally, The Hat Upstairs represents the singularity of de Kooning’s final decade, showcasing his astonishing ability to transform his distinct quality as an artist and make it something fresh and exciting.

The de Kooning Decades Collection will be offered as a part of the Contemporary Art Evening Auction at Sotheby’s New York on 16 November.

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